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DEMONS project started on 1st of september 2010 and has a lifetime of 30 months. DEMONS is an FP7 project funded by the European Commission.

DEMONS: DEcentralized, cooperative, and privacy-preserving MONitoring for trustworthinesS

The Internet has evolved significantly over time, and people have come to depend on it for a number of activities such as voice and video communications, social networking, online banking, e-government and shopping. Trust is the core of social and economic activity in the Internet, and is the basis of economic transactions, social connections, and communication between people and organizations. As there is the need to be able to trust our network and services, the robustness of the Internet against security threats and operational failures is of significant importance.
There is an ongoing research in bringing Internet technologies into every end device. A very high number of nodes are now becoming IP-enabled, more intelligent and more complex also leads to distributed threats. To find a solution to address distributed threats across inter-domain networks requires cooperative network defense and response. Such solution calls for a decentralized and scalable monitoring infrastructure to provide both detection and reporting of security and network disruption incidents across multiple domains and jurisdictions.
Current trends in Internet applications such as Web 2.0, cloud computing, and the internet of things are bound to bring more pervasive data collection, longer persistence of collected data, higher traffic volume, and more heterogeneous traffic. All these factors make network management an evolving environment that becomes every day more difficult.
In summary, the core problem in cooperative network monitoring and mitigation is that incidents impacting the security and reliability of a given network today are complex, with threats widely distributed among attackers, intermediary systems, indirect targets, and direct targets, all potentially lying in different organizations, parts of the network, and national jurisdictions. The legal, organizational, and technical infrastructure to respond to these incidents must therefore be distributed and cooperative. DEMONS project addresses the major challenges of cooperative network monitoring.